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Features of application development on Angular


Mar 14, 2023

Why do many companies choose Angular? The main advantages of this framework. Features of creating software using this.

Development of applications at the Angular

Software development is a complex process that involves the use of various tools. Apps Built with Angular scale well, have a pleasant interface, and great functionality. Angular is a JavaScript framework used to develop sites with a large load and for applications with the iOS and Android operating systems. This program is the most popular among developers, especially for creating large projects. It is the development of the Google command that has open-source code. Using this program, you can create sites and applications by minimizing errors.

The reasons why Angular is chosen

Before starting development, choosing a web app tech stack needs to be improved, which will help you achieve a business price.

Professional developers choose this program not just like that but based on many factors that affect the quality of the final product and the development process itself.

The convenience of the structure and the spectrum of tools

The program’s main advantage is a convenient and understandable structure for creating large platforms. Compared to other frameworks, much more tool options are available here. In addition, you are provided with a set of rules and scenarios that must be adhered to for the components related to it to work without errors.

Angular optimizes the system’s operation, thereby not limiting the work of the most non-standard functions.

Changing scale and reliability

Since the program provides a large set of functions and tools, the developers will not need to use solutions from the outside, the created code will be clean, and its reliability will be several times higher. Thanks to Angular, developers will better understand the project’s structure because it contains methods for creating services, modules, and links. All this allows you to quickly scale the completed project without using high costs.

Compatibility of versions

Since the Google team, every 6 months, produces an update of this framework every day, there is no need to worry about the changes made. All of them will automatically wedge into your project.

In all previous updates, they eliminated all the shortcomings and errors, and subsequently, it is planned to optimize this program even more.

Qualified developers

You need to know JavaScript and its Typescript expansion. This language’s principle is based on optimizing the code structure, which makes its spelling faster. The developers also need to delve into the functionality of the built-in libraries, having learned to use them so that the project is manageable. Therefore, developers who know how to use all this will create the most active project.

Famous sites created using Angular

To date, many platforms have been created using this framework. And having learned what kind of websites these are, you will understand that this program helped make them functional and successful.


It is the most popular email worldwide, applied to Angular since 2009. Such a demand for the site is associated with its excellent capabilities to function uninterruptedly and withstand colossal loads.

In addition, users of this mail praised the ability to enter commands through the keyboard and sorting and the choice of recipients from a vast list.

Site functions:

  • a convenient interface of not only the site but also its applications;
  • instant page load;
  • autonomous access to temporary files;
  • the presence of a module allows you to integrate G-mail into other Angular applications.

The site has more than 1.5 billion users, which confirms the success of this platform.

You Tube

It is one of the most recognizable platforms designed to post and store videos. It belongs to Google. And it is thanks to this framework that YouTube has excellent technical capabilities.

Site functions:

  • ensuring the high dynamics of content – any changing component entails a synchronous change in the remaining ingredients;
  • cross-platform allows this site to function uninterruptedly on any electronic device.

The unlimited memory volume and the possibility of cloud storage on the service of their content attract billions of users to this site.

Encyclopedia Wikipedia

This platform has earned an inconvenient interface and outdated functionality thanks to Angular. The Wikipedia website did not change dramatically – it was just that a convenient interface was wedged into it, which changed this platform, making it better and more convenient to use.

Site functions:

  • the design has become as readable as possible;
  • understandable navigation of the page, including the number, and in the mobile application;
  • fast access to content in so many languages.

Wikipedia has over 10 million users, and monthly attendance increased to 23 million.


This platform for instant translation of finance is very in demand at present. Such popularity is ensured by the site being created using angular. The site allows you to make transactions that require maximum accuracy, providing an even more convenient interface.

Site functions:

  • you can translate several clicks;
  • seamless process of placing an order when you do not need to leave the online store;
  • the presence of functionality allows you to integrate PayPal into other sites created using this framework.

More than 375 million people use this payment system because it helps to make transactions as conveniently and accurately as possible.

Angular is an optimal framework for platforms with powerful loads and complex business functionality. This program must be used if you create a large-scale project with non-standard functions. It has tools that guarantee the successful creation of a product with the uninterrupted operation of the platform.

Who will help in creating a website or application?

SECL Group comprises sites and application developers with extensive experience and qualified specialists. It was created in 2005. Turning to them, you will receive a functional product and a convenient interface that is understandable to use.

Your project will be tested by excluding all possible errors in the platform’s work.

SECL Group has extensive experience in cooperation with such giants of the business industry:

  • Kia Motors (South Korea) – automobile production;
  • Mazda Motor (Japan) – automobile production;
  • Pepsico (USA) – drinking;
  • Country Helper (USA) – travel planning service;
  • The Lego Group (Denmark) – production of the LEGO children’s designer;
  • Danone (France) – food and many other large companies that decided to trust professionals.

Only qualified developers can create a quality product; you should not save on this.

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