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What exactly is a website for?

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Nov 4, 2022

A website: is it really needed?

When a person decides to create a website, be it a personal blog or a corporate site, the first step is to define why you need a web presence. In other words, why do you need a site? Having answered this question, you have a better idea of what you need to create. A website that is there to inform people will probably be different from an online store. But what is the purpose of a website? Experts from SECL helped us to make everything clear.

What is the use of a website?

For you to get a better understanding of why a website is needed, we have compiled a list of the seven main uses of a website. Obviously, you may have other objectives or reasons why you need a site. The important thing is to fully understand your needs.

This is the basis of your presence on the web

A website is the most important element of your presence on the web. No other platform will be as complete or offer so many possibilities. It is also the place where you can display all the information relevant to your company or organization, whether it is your projects, employees, services, products, history, etc. It is true that it is important to be present on social media. However, a Facebook page will never have the credibility of a website. If you are looking for a notary to buy your house, will you work with one who has a site or one who is only present on Instagram? The answer is clear.

This allows you to be found by potential customers

Millions of people now use the web. There is, therefore, a very large number of potential customers. Fortunately, it is now easy to find anything on Google, whether it’s a restaurant, a product, or a tip. To increase your traffic, your website must be found in search engine results. Obviously, this is not done automatically; there are many actions to take to optimize your site for Google. 

This allows you to have an international presence

One of the other uses of a website is the fact that it allows you to be present internationally. If you have a shop, your clientele likely comes from your area. If you have an online store or website, you have the opportunity to have customers around the world. Also, there are no opening hours or holidays on the website. Internet users, therefore, have access to your platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A site can quickly increase your visibility.

This allows you to show what you can do

Whether you have a corporate website or an online store, a website can be a platform where you can show your know-how and examples of projects, for example, through an online portfolio. Do not hesitate to present different examples or your most beautiful creations on your site; this can certainly increase your credibility and convince potential customers to work with you. Another great way to gain the trust of Internet users is to add customer reviews to your site. After providing a service, ask your customers to leave a small comment that you will post on your website.

This allows you to inform people and answer questions

You may decide to create a website to inform people. For example, if you decide to create a website for an association or sports team, there is a good chance that Internet users will visit your site to find accurate information. For example, when will the next match or event take place? When will the registration take place? Who are the team members? As mentioned above, a website is much more complete than a simple social media page. Therefore, take the opportunity to answer all the questions in your community.

This allows you to create a community

A website allows you to reach thousands of people. Whether it’s a blog or an online store, these people can become members of your community and thus become loyal Internet users. But how can you create your community online? First of all, you must define a specific audience. Then, create content that will be useful or entertaining to them. Over time, it will become easier for you to offer services or products that will meet their needs. A presence on social media will also be necessary.

This allows you to sell online

Finally, a website can also allow you to sell your products or services online through eCommerce. When you are on the web, you increase the number of potential customers and your sales and business income. It’s also easier than you might think. Start by creating the pages of your products by adding a complete description, displaying several good quality photos, offering a price, accepting payment methods, and delivery, and that’s it! All you have to do is promote your online store and deliver goods to people.

All in all, many say that if you are not on the web, you do not exist. Nowadays, you need a website, whether to sell, inform or entertain. The process is also easier than a few years ago, thanks to diverse tools on the market. Good luck!

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